Sunday, August 2, 2009

Goodnight Starlight

Now, this is just a random thought that crossed my mind..


Not like I’m in one, but there are moments I feel like I’m a sore loser blaming everyone/ everything BUT ME. This is just one of the few conversations to prove my statement :P :P :P

Me is ME and him is a friend. rofl

11:15 PM him: heya

me: sup

him: nothing much feeling little depressed

11:16 PM moot pressure

class work pressure

me: i understand

yay! Thank God I’m not mooting this year :P

him: everything mounting up to be a burden

and on top of it i am actually bored of life

11:17 PM seriously

the negatives of a long distance is actually eating me up from inside

me: the college nearly kills u



sad man.. :(

eh? What am I typing

him: i know

11:18 PM i know

but what is the way out

seriously at times i feel like dating someone here

but i cant flirt

that is just not m

I slowly shook my head

11:19 PM me: well

u can

if u wish to

coz ur a human.. lol

and quite frankly long distance sucks

i have been in one

I was like this satan, peering over his shoulders asking him to do the right thing… TO BREAK UP!

him: it is not as simple as it sounds

11:20 PM firstly i value commitment and cant imagine of breaking her heart and the commitment

then i know if i flirt with someone else here i am bound to get serious

that is where the issue starts from

me: then I don’t know how I could help

looks mutely into the screen, running out of suggestions.

him: i am afraid of my life now

i always knew that

didn’t I go through the same shit last year

11:22 PM me: see

another 3yrs here at blore

him: 4

me: can u manage a long distance?

to kill ur happiness

yes, 4

there u go

him: i dont know

actually i want to keep this one

11:23 PM but then these four years of my life-college life-which will never come back are going to be this shitty

thats it

i dont want it to be this way

i honestly love her

it is more than "just a relationship" for me

but .............

11:25 PM me: i know i know

same thing wimme and some fella last year

didnt work

we decided to part ways

11:26 PM him: its been one and a half for us already


i dont know

i am very conservative when it comes to making decisions

11:28 PM me: think it over

ur stil 21 :P

coz eventually

ur r'ship shouldnt smother u

don’t compromise with ur happiness

11:30 PM him: but isn’t a relationship also about sacrifice, compromise, patience.

after all its love


11:31 PM me: ur r'ship, my dear

mainly comprises of..

THE separation, the long distance..

11:32 PM and alotta sacrifices

u know the best

see what u can do

11:33 PM him: but it is not just me.......even she is doin the same for me.

she is facing exactly what i am

where the separation is due to my career needs

and she does it with a smile

11:34 PM me: i dunno what to say


11:35 PM wil tty tomorrow?

dads kickin me in the ass

and thats a lie :P

him: kool

bye bye

good night

11:36 PM me: gn man


dont think much about it

u got other important stuffs

we’ll talk tomorrow

11:37 PM him: i know that one as well

me: chal

bye then

11:38 PM him: bye



i could’ve just gone all blurrgh over the monitor. but for a moment, it hit me that somehow i’m linked to this feeling too.. i could connect with him. somehow.

cant resist to admit, but breaking up coz of the long distance is just plain silly. :|

as much as a perv i am :P, i can also go any lengths to keep the commitment.

because its not the physical need, its something more than just that!

dont go by this pic :P :P

the echo of his words.. COMMITMENT COMMITMENT aaaaaaa.. still ringing in my head.. been single for a long time now you see :P

oh btw, i’m high :D :D

ahem! this post might surprise most of you, but folks i can be seriously romantic too u know.. yeah sadly..


Sarat said...

WoMfG... Whatta post!!!

Sweet fuckin Jesus, Hank is going to hell.

Celestial devil said...

Shabba...I'm frankly surprised to see the romantic side of you.

Malloc Internal said...

After long. Good one.

Sometimes, people are romantic than they appear or want to appear.

Seen a relationship which was running well over long distance and things got screwed, later, when there was no distance between the two! ;) you know they were happy without each other.

Been in one too. You just wait to count "ek sou solah chand ki raatein."

Nefarious Demon said...

@ Sarat and the Shabba man : thanks, i guess :P

@ MI : well, quintessentially i'm not one of those typical die-hard romantics.. dawdler is the word. (tubelight also :P)

116 chand :O i'd slumber till eternity

ishita said...

buhludy dopehead :@
nice post again
who is it dedicated to?? Chaturvedi? :D

Nefarious Demon said...

Chaturvedi is in my college only no ra. how can it be long distance :|

Twisted Elegance.... said...

"because its not the physical need, its something more than just that"

WTF is this???

Sure your drunk bacha!

Sharanyaa said...

If only sonclusions were easy to arrive at. Nothing is right and nothing is wrong in a long distance relationship.