Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Random Rants

So my semester break is almost coming to an end now. And what was so fascinating about the vacation:
1. chatting
2. chatting
3. chatting
4. chatting
5. oh! did I mention chatting :|

two months have just flown by leaving me jobless as ever!


Dad’s been giving subtle hints about throwing me out already.

Hope to get back on talking terms with Sinha. STOP BELIEVING SOME MUDACUNT U JACK! X(

Man how I miss BILS (the place where I met these beautiful people, who are less snobbish ofcourse). Waaaaah ;(

And donna thanks for redefining the “friends with benefits” term. Well quite frankly when you initiated the conversation, I was in one of those ‘ah kickasss+wtf’ looks.. bhartiya naari you see. The concept might well be tempting, but fucka you cant kill your ethics to get into some kinda liking for friends ‘pulchritude’. I mean that is sooo thu! I know its weird to prescribe to my standards of sanity, BUTT, remember always, dost dost hote hain, randi randi hote hain!

ROFL line of the week : Bhaag Bhosdi Aandhi Aaye.. baaahahahahahahaaaa
Thanks Neeraj.. *hands him a tetrapak of LMN* enjoy with KUSHAN :P

And hey be a nice blogger and sign up for VIBHA! :)

please sign up no :) aye do ra or i’ll kick you in the balls! :P

lemme go suffice my bigass appetite now



Sarat said...

1. Chatting ain't injurious to health!
2. fatwa isnt bad either right ? :P
3. Hope u get back in terms with all those u want. hmm.. yeah. well :D
4. I agree with dost dost randi randi, stopping the comment.. coz i donno the context :|
6. Still reading? you Missed no.5
7. ROFL at b2a2

Rahul Viswanath said...

I just loved the cat .... Beer with style !!!

Celestial Love said...

Nice blog I must say!
supporting Vibha is a real nice thing to do :)

Nefarious Demon said...

Sarat, chatting/challenging and getting butt kicked happily by that one special person can be fatal at times ya! :D
and fatwa only revolves around my ‘trademark chaddi’ taboo.
don’t talk about numbers and spellings with me ya.. my dislexia can be hazardous
also ROFL @ :
Tamboo Main Bamboo
Ghaagre Main Dhoom Dhadaaka
Pati fauj mein biwi mauj mein


WE rock =) yes!

xo :)

Nefarious Demon said...

Yo Rahul! that cat is, more or less, me only. i see a bright fat future in him |m|

@ Celestial Love : thanks so much. :)
i want to be able to return the compliment. but your profile is not available.

sunstroke satan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sunstroke satan said...

DONE signing up for vibha

B2A2 yel-lmao

ishita said...

signed up =)
what ya, full Mother Teresa you've become off :D :D :D

suchitra said...

kickass blog

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

We call them, Fuck Friends!


Nefarious Demon said...

fuck friends? friends fuck? oh whatever!

and thanks Suchitra :)

Big M blog said...


Really Nice effort so for,
I appreciate the time you spent sharing your skills.

Recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

clueless said...

gaahahahahhahhaa! after reading the first bit, i thought it was gonna be american-sitcom-kinda-predictable-funny.. but rest of the post: HAAHAAHAA! :P

just where in the world do you meet such ppl... B2A2?!! maa ki uski! too much raa! xP

LMFAO @ "bright future in the cat."

and all the best with the big fat relationship turmoil in your life right now... i mean every post features your fight with someone new :P
Here's wishing that sinha-whoever calls you right away. :D

keep writing! and write like this WONNNLY!

one last thing: nangoo beku LMN tetrapack :'( pleeej :((