Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Chris Martin in the background

And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?

Does anyone have a time machine I can borrow?

No? bastid.

Fought with all the people in the world that its awfully difficult to mend things..
sooner i’ll have a hate community named after me. I always thought arguing was the best thing ever, after abusing ofcourse. But only recently i realized all arguments ARE fights.. atleast in my fraternity. its not about triumphing with war of words over your friends afterall.. :|

YEVERYTHING’s wrong, aint nothing right..
RCB’s a fart
I’m broke like recession hit me worst
my internship sucks donkeyballs.... aaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I Retire. thu!

but hey ‘Twisted’ you SHOULD give her another chance.

For other solitary souls
REMEMBER you’re never alone.
For you my slut, there’s always absolut. Life humps everyone no!

Cheers motherfuckers.
Absolutely absolut.

Lights will guide you home,
And ignite your bones,
And I will try to fix you.



Rahul Viswanath said...

Cheers !!! ;-)

Twisted Elegance.... said...

There is always another day :)

Don't worry!

Nefarious Demon said...

i kinda made a request to you.. did u bother about it?

Malloc Internal said...

u> "Does anyone have a time machine I can borrow?
No? bastid."


RCB sucks. They are just extras in the scheme of things. My cousin supports CSK since the team has Dhoni. I tease her saying "team is bunch of flukes"

You post blogs with sublimely nature. Leaves me curious.

Nefarious Demon said...

RCB doesnt suck anymore! yay!

sublime? :P what makes you say so? :D

Malloc Internal said...

By sublime i meant "used to denote the extreme or unparalleled nature of a person's attitude or behavior" (oxford dictionary). extreme not in negative sense.

Ya RCB seem to have Hajmola or something. They fart less now.

Nefarious Demon said...

LOL i didn't ask for the definition ... i asked WHAT MADE U DEDUCE THAT LINE? so far as i know i'm not suffering with MPD :D

and RCB'd better be winning tonight...

Malloc Internal said...

:) i thought you will get it when i mention secondary meaning of the word.... being lazy, i presumed...

"He is looking fwd to getting a DNA test done with me"

"Guess Christ killed me for sometime.. and now my re-incarnation is back.. eh.. bulla.. I’ve gone nutters."

"...I insisted upon holding the shift DAMN key..."