Friday, April 15, 2011

Wishlist, 2011

#1. A pair of Rayban Wayfarers. They look nice on me OK!?

#2. Sony Cybershot HX5 (if not an SLR) :|

#3. Incantation Spaghetti, Ibex Moon

#4. Pearl Eliminator Demon Drive Double Bass Pedal

#5. Djoko's Head backpack

I can't wait to start working; lest I want to meet my demands. Otherwise, my wishlist will actually remain a wishlist for the rest of my life. Whatever happened to that motherfucker who said money comes easy and fast. x-(


Malloc Internal said...

I presume you got a job. Congratulations!! Spend some and save some. "easy and fast"? :)

Nympho-sapien said...

Nope. No such luck as yet. Wazzzzzaaaaaa! Imma welcome back on my blog yea!

stonetemplepilot said...

he died before he could count!