Sunday, March 13, 2011

Carl Barât ♥

By far, my biggest ever crush. CARLOS BARAT. Yes, The rock 'n'roll boy from The Libertines. Please disregard Pete Doherty, that useless druggie. Kate Moss can eat him. *yawn*

This is what my new crush looks like.


those lips.. mmmm..



What a waster

Take me home, we can rumpy pumpy the Brit way

Because men can be animals
Cut-throats and jagged wolves
Keep your wits about you and you'll see another day

It is testament to the struggles of The Libertines, yet quite different. I wrote it for you, I hope it means something to you all.

It sure meant a lot to me, darling! :'*


Red Sonja said...

hey bloggeritta, nice blog :-) :-)
idk who carl is... but girrllll your post got me skippin' my heartbeat... my my!! such affection for Mr. Carl Barat... loved your blog.. :-)

Malloc Internal said...

honestly, i laughed when i read the last sentence. It was like was like Douglas Adams' line where statement remains serious till last word or two and suddenly becomes comic. i know you did not intend to make it that way! ;)

stonetemplepilot said...

what?!! no cat fight!!! :)