Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mister Pun's blog

And now

Mr. Good-geek boy’s blog.

This guy has major influences on me. How much have I transformed?! Really!

I’m into Korean and Japanese movies now. Yeah LOL.. and also manga, post grunge, jazz, Eric Johnson. Eh what ra thoo!

In 3 months, yes, people can transform lives.

No no he is not Benny Hinn.

He is..

Sarath Ramadurgam. Yes yes that IISc fellow only. :P WHO THE FUCK PURSUES Ph.D IN PHYSICS? Damn you homie. Lol

Thanks duggi. Thanks for sobering me down. Will miss you SO much man! :’( Purdue is one lucky place. They’ll have a gem like you within the next 2 months. Simple people can be awesome too. Wouldn’t have realized it without you.

Good luck kid! dedicated to you.

P.S : And how far have I succeeded in changing him? He listens to Lamb of God now. Bye


Sarath Ramadurgam said...
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Nefarious Demon said...

After how much coaxing did you start listening to Meshuggah? beech!

Physics is wole. go ra! :P

Nagazoza said...

"Followers" i believe! :P like I'm some freemasonry here

Physics is wole. go ra! :P...

Nefarious Demon said...