Thursday, June 10, 2010

*insert the title*

My first attempt at dark-romantic poem.

too much random mushy imagery i tell you :P

bah! ok.. here goes

Another storm rekindled,
another hope reborn.
Will o' the wisp
inching towards me
a sparkle I see, beautiful spellbinding
I catch it, hold it by my heart
under the starlit sky
the insatiable happiness
with the wistful pain
sworn to be together, forever
a flicker it was only I should've known
held it too close
all along the tessitura
the sparkle shrunk,
the zeal died.
a zephyr it seemed like, came so close
only to bring the gloom
leaving the melancholy child
plunging into her dark world yet again
the curse of Perses it seemed like,
deranged me, wholly
letting the melange of sorrows
killing deep inside of me
succumbed to the tempest
I relinquish
knowing it was time..
to let go off the love divine.


Anubhav Mishra said...
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Anubhav Mishra said...

i've seen amateur poets ruining poems, trying to rhyme the lines and making no sense out of the matter, but yours scores on both points. keep improving now. Love! =)

ishita said...


Nefarious Demon said...

Thangoo Anubhav! :)

@ Isha : I really didn't have any hopes ra! :D

Jabber said...

Awesome ba! Really liked it. Did you go through a break-up or did I read too much into it?

Nefarious Demon said...

Thanks ba! :P

Break-up was it.

a certain someone said...

I'm so moved!!

Whoever you wrote these lines for should be really fortunate to have you...